Getting Started

This manual aims to get you started on the Vetter Platform. From viewing listings on the CrowdX Calendar to participating in Vsales or swapping tokens, this manual has got you covered!
Looking to try out our Vsale features for free using Testnet? Click here!

Getting started

Got a few minutes? The following manual pages present an overview of the features in our dApp.
Tip: our dApp houses a multitude of functionalities. Please note that each individual feature might require token holdings to be used.

dApp Features

Click on any manual page to learn more about it.
Tip: you can find specific manuals for each topic on its respective page.

For Developers

Are you a project developer? Learn how to use Vsale and Vault test in our Sandbox environment.
Getting Started
Testnet Networks
If you are new, please read our Getting Started page before continuing.
Setup your wallet to connect to Testnet and use our Sandbox to try out the Vetter Platform.
Learn more about Vsale and its features you can use when launching your project.
Learn more about Vault and its features you can use.

How to connect to the dApp

Desktop (Metamask)
Mobile (Metamask)
Other Wallets
Always download the Metamask extension from the official website. Downloading the extension from another source makes you risk having your wallet hacked and funds stolen!
On desktop, ensure you have the Metamask extension downloaded on the browser you are using to visit the dApp. Click the Connect Wallet button in the top right of any page.
Select Metamask in the connection prompt.
On mobile, ensure you have the Metamask app installed on your phone. Open the Metamask app.
1. Make sure you've selected the account you want to use (tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner > tap on the account name and choose from the list)
2. Open the browser (tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner, tap on 'Browser')
3. Open a new tab using the blue 'plus' button, and navigate to our dApp wbesite
Keep track of what applications you give permissions to, and be careful which permissions you give them. Learn more here.
1: Select account
2: Open browser
3: Open new tab
Once you are in the browser and opened a new tab, navigate to the dApp and press the "Connect Wallet" button to connect. This should connect with your mobile Metamask account.
Open the browser and go to the dApp. Find the "Connect Wallet" button and press it. If you are on desktop and wish to connect to a mobile wallet, use Wallet Connect. If you are using another wallet on the same device, Trustwallet, XDefi etc. then press MetaMask. This should prompt the respective wallet to connect instead of metamask.