Liquidity Locking

Automatic LP locking

Vsale will automatically lock liquidity tokens generated by making the liquidity within Vault. You will see a link to the LP (liquidity provider) token within the vault in the Vsale tokenomics area. Clicking the link opens the vault to show you the time frame that the LP tokens are locked. You can add more LP tokens and extend the vault at any time. you can remove the LP tokens from the vault once the vault unlocks. While the vault supports vesting, the LP tokens that are locked by Vsale use the simple one time unlock option.

Real world value by automated LP locking

Our project highly values the safety and security of our users. Therefore we consider liquidity automatically locking in our Vault system of incredible value. It provides the safety for investors that they invest in project which can't be immediately rugpulled which would leave them with a stolen investment. The project itself also has no way to take any locked liquidity out of a Vault, and the smart contract that facilitates this process has been audited by a third party.

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