Stake $VSL and earn rewards and join our top-tier ICO platform

What is $VSL staking

$VSL staking offers guaranteed allocations in top-tier projects.
Unlike common models that reward stakers using tokens printed out of thin air or using “degen” investment practices that often lead to losses, VSL’s non-custodial model gives stakers control of their tokens with no inflationary or high-risk practices.

Staking $VSL

In the dApp navigate to the staking page. In order to stake, your wallet needs to be connected to the dApp. If you want to quickly navigate to the staking section, press the button that says "Stake VSL". Alternatively, scroll down to "Staking".
The button will appear in the "Allocation and Share Maximizer" section
On the "Stake VSL" section, the amount of tokens to be staked can be entered. This can never be more than there are in the connected wallet. Reminder: if you have not staked any $VSL then a minimum of 100k $VSL must be staked.
Staking section for VSL
Beside the section are some buttons. Press any of these buttons to populate the field with the amount of tokens it says. Keep in mind if a button is pressed that shows more $VSL than there is in the connect wallet, the button to stake will not work. The connected wallet needs to have as many or more tokens than there is entered into the field.
Autofill buttons for staking
When certain about the stake, press the "Stake Tokens" button. It should light up blue if it is possible to stake. It will also say how many base shares will be earned by staking the tokens.
There is a 20% early withdraw free for 72 hours after staking.
Read this page of the whitepaper for more information.
Click Stake Tokens to stake the amount of tokens
Per 100k $VSL tokens staked 1 base share is earned.
At least 100k $VSL tokens must be staked. If you have already staked 100k tokens then you can stake again with a lower amount, which will earn you fractional base shares. For example 50k tokens will earn you 0.5 additional base shares.
After the button is pressed, a transaction will appear in the connected wallet. Confirm the transaction to stake the tokens on the blockchain.
Staking confirmation
Make sure to have some BNB so gas fees can be paid!
When confirm is clicked, the transaction will be pending. If for whatever reason it fails, try again. If it keeps failing, please report the issue to the Vetter team.

Viewing your shares

To view your shares, scroll up from "Staking" to "My Wallet".
This section contains a short equation that makes up the amount of shares you own and some statistics.
My Wallet showing how many shares are owned
The equation that makes up for owned shares is shown in the above picture. Base shares are earned by staking $VSL. Bonus shares are earned from locking VSL tokens in a package. The multiplier is based on $VETTER holdings. Having bonus shares would be an equivalent to staking more tokens. That's why they are added to your base shares and multiplied. For example: You have 10 bonus shares. That bonus would be equivalent to staking an extra 1 million $VSL and earning 10 base shares.
Hint: Not so good at math? You can see your % of the total amount of shares on the right side. This is the % of the revenue that you will be earning in the next distribution round.

Why there is no APY / APR %

$VSL does not use APY based staking distribution. Earnings are based on owned shares and the revenue in each distribution round. Period. This is a sustainable model that will continuously reward based on shares owned. What the revenue is and what your total % is are both dynamic, so it cannot be coupled to an APY or APR value. This is a completely different model.
If you wish to learn more about how staking works, it is recommended to read the whitepaper.

Increasing the multiplier

The only way to increase the multiplier is by holding more $VETTER in your wallet. Note: $VETTER is a separate token from $VSL. You can read more about earning a bigger multiplier on this page in the whitepaper. The maximum multiplier you can earn is 20x.
What does the multiplier do? Simply put, the multiplier will multiply your owned shares. For example a 10x multiplier will increase your total shares tenfold.

What happens to staked tokens

Staked tokens are put into a general stake pool. All staked tokens go into this pool. Once some of your tokens are in this pool, you unlock the ability to put them into a package, which rewards you with bonus shares.

Earning bonus shares with lock packages

At "Allocation and Share Maximizer", click the "Lock VSL" button to navigate to the available packages. Alternatively, scroll down to "Lock Packages".
Tokens needs to be staked before a package can be locked!
Navigating to the packages
Available staking packages
Here's how packages work - The packages that you can lock depend on how much $VSL you have staked - Each package takes a specific amount of staked $VSL, and locks it for a certain period of time - A package rewards with bonus shares proportional to the amount of staked $VSL and the period that it becomes locked - A package can only be locked ONCE per wallet
Let's look at a package, the Zeus package.
In order to use this package you must have 10 million $VSL staked. In the screenshot below there is not enough $VSL staked, indicated with the red icon. Notice how the lock button is also missing.
The Zeus Package
This package will lock 10 million $VSL tokens for 1 year, and gives 100 bonus shares in return. Each package works the same way. Essentially, this packages doubles the amount of shares (100 earned from 10 million staked and 100 bonus from the package).
Locking a package
If you are eligible for a package and want to lock it, press the "Lock In Package" button. Confirm the transaction in the connected wallet.
Once locked you will NOT be able to retrieve the tokens. You will be able to retrieve the tokens after the specified duration from the success time of your transaction.
Locking a package

Unstaking $VSL

Scroll down to "Unstake and Claim".
At "Claim Tokens" how many tokens should to unstake can be entered. You can also see how many tokens you have staked, and how many of those are locked. Only unlocked tokens can be unstaked. You can never unlock more tokens than there are unlocked. For example you have staked 200k $VSL and 150k is locked: you can only unstake 50k $VSL.
If you unstake your tokens within the first 72 hours of staking them, you will be penalized 20%. Read this page of the whitepaper for more information.
Unstaking $VSL