How to navigate and use Vsale

What is Vsale

Vsale is an open launchpad and is completely separate from Skylabs Launchpad. Vsale follows the standard “open launch” model giving developers a hub to launch projects to the public. Vsale is an easy-to-use platform for projects to launch on as well as for those looking to participate in projects.

Vsale is not the same as Skylabs. Click here for Skylabs Launchpad information.

Finding Vsales

Unlike Launchpad, there is no need to have staked $VSL to participate in Vsale launches. This does also mean there are no guaranteed allocations on Vsale and projects are not exclusive as they are on Launchpad.

Navigate to Vsale by going to the dApp and going to the Vsale page. On this page Vsales that have been made public can be found. The search bar can be used to filter all the Vsales.

Try it out! Navigate to Vsale and check out the projects.

Viewing Vsale details

To view more details about a project, click the View Sale button. This opens an expanded view on the selected project. This is also the page where contributions can be made and tokens can be collected for those who did.

The sale also has the option to include a video. On the left side you will find all information specific to the project, such as the name, the video if included, but also information about the tokenomics and socials.


The sale can set a url that leads to an audit for the project. This will make the audit badge appear on the sale.


A project receiving an audit badge does not mean that we approve or recommend the project. Always do your own research.

Contributing to a Vsale

Find the "Participate In Sale" section on a Vsale. In this section you have the ability to contribute to a presale. Make sure to check out the Tokenomics section to find out how many tokens are sold per BNB in the Vsale. If you have the ability to contribute to the Vsale at the time, then you will be able to put an amount of BNB you wish to contribute. If you can't participate, for example because you're not whitelisted, these options will be disabled for you. If your wallet is blacklisted you will not see the option to participate. Notice that you can see how far the Vsale has progressed, how many contributors there are and what you have contributed yourself as well.


We are not liable for any losses as a result of participation in projects. Projects are not vetted by a team. Participate at your own risk.

Note: The whitelist status in the picture above tells you where in the sale process you can contribute, in this example once the Vsale is open to public.

Preloading the contribution

It is possible to preemptively load the transaction of your contribution in your wallet. This will make it easier to actually send the transaction once you are able to participate. For example if whitelist 1 is active and you are in whitelist 2, you can watch the timer which indicates when you can contribute. The wallet will thrown an error initially because when the transaction is loaded you are not able to participate yet. Click "I want to proceed anyway" which will enable the "Confirm" button. Now simply wait until the participation switches and then confirm the transaction. If timed correctly, the transaction should go through.

Note: The transaction will not consume as much BNB as shown in the estimation, that number is inflated because Metamask thinks you are not able to execute the transaction and tries to warn you about it. Because you click "I want to proceed anyway" you ignore this warning and by confirming the transaction at the right time, it can actually be executed since you were able to participate at that time.

Contributing directly to the contract

It is possible to send BNB directly to the Vsale contract to participate in the sale. This may be faster but is only recommended if somehow it isn't possible to contribute via the dApp.

To contribute directly, navigate to the "Tokenomics" section and find "Presale Address". Press the address so it expands. You can send BNB directly to this address as long as the sale is live and you are able to participate in it.

Viewing the Vsale schedule

Navigate to the "Vsale Schedule" section to see more details about the runtime of the Vsale. Here can be seen when the Vsale starts, how many whitelists it has and when those whitelists become activated. Vsale has a comprehensive whitelist system that allows multiple whitelists to get activated at different times during the sale.

In the example there are 2 whitelists and public access. The section also shows when tokens can be collected, in this case when the Vsale has ended.

Collecting tokens

If you have contributed to a Vsale and it has ended, the tokens can be claimed by navigating to the section where you participated in the Vsale and press the button to claim. Make sure to confirm the transaction in your wallet. The tokens will appear in your wallet once the transaction has succeeded. If for some reason the transaction failed, you can try again. If you have an issue claiming that persists, please contact support.

Finding locked tokens

To find locked LP you can use Vetter Vault. See the Vault page below which explains how it works.



We (Vetter Ecosystem and all brands, products and entities) do NOT promote, endorse, recommend or provide financial advise for any project(s) that have or had launched. We are not liable for any losses as a result of participation and participation is solely at the discretion of the user. Users acknowledge that they are in a jurisdiction that allows participation and/or other rules or regulations that may apply. Participate at your own risk. Always do your own research prior to investing or participating in any crypto project.

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