Creating a token

Looking for an easy way to create a token?

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If unsure what to do when testing out Vsale in Testnet, our Create Token feature can be used to easily create a token on Testnet and try out both Vsale and Vault.

Finding the functionality

Navigate to the Vsale page on a test network. A "Create Token" button can be seen next to "Add Sale". Press it to initiate the creation of a new token.

Token details

Right now this feature will deploy a basic token without any specialities, using the IERC20 standard, onto Testnet. Give the token a name, symbol and a maximum supply. Note: the maximum supply takes the decimals into account. So if 100k tokens is desired, simply enter 100000 into the "Total Token Supply" field. When satisfied, press "Create Token". This will trigger a transaction in the connected wallet that must be accepted.

The fee displayed below may not reflect the actual fee when this feature is used.

After the token has been created the address will be shown in a notice at the bottom of the prompt. Copy the address into Testnet BSCscan to find the token and use the address in Vsale and Vault.

Only the last created token will be displayed. Consequent creations will override the existing, so tokens must be kept track of manually.

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