How to navigate and use Vault

What is Vault

Vault is a unique product that creates the ability to lock tokens. This is commonly used to lock LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens so that developers can ensure their investors they cannot rug pull the project by taking out the liquidity.

The vault is a timelocked contract that will not allow removal of the tokens until the time has expired. It is automatically used for Vsales.

Finding locked tokens

Go to the dApp and find the Vault page. There's a distinction between two types of vaults: LP vaults and Token vaults.

LP Vaults hold special "LP Tokens", which is a pair of two tokens that make up liquidity for a project. It often is a pairing of the project's token and BNB/WBNB.

Token vaults hold regular tokens from a project.

Because there will be many vaults for different projects, the search bar can be used to find a specific project. Type the token name to search for a liquidity vault for the project.

Viewing a vault

To view a vault, press the "View Details" button. This will show a page dedicated to that vault which shows the vault details and lock details.

If the connected wallet owns the vault there will be button controls to collect locked tokens, add tokens or extend the lock time. These will not appear of those controls are not available to the connected wallet.

Finding locked liquidity

Finding LP on the Vaults page

To find locked liquidity for the project you participated in, search for the token name, ticker or address in the search bar. Make sure you are on the "Liquidity Vaults" tab. Press "View Details" on the vault.

Finding LP on the Vsale page

Find the "Tokenomics" section and click "Open Vault". Alternatively, expand the Token Address area and use the token address to find the LP vault using the search bar in the Vault page.

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