How to navigate and use Tracker

What is Vetter Tracker

Our tracker page in the dApp is much like a profile page that contains lots of information on a particular user in our ecosystem. It contains details from the CrowdX dApp such as a user's posted projects, vettings and also their votes and amount of tips. Additionally, each profile has a badge depending on their tier level.

Viewing a profile

To view someone's tracker page, click on their name when viewing a project they have scouted or vetted in CrowdX.

View your profile

Your own tracker is accessible at any time when your wallet is connected to the dApp. Simply navigate to the top right of any page you are in and find your username.

Try it out yourself!

Note: your wallet must be connected to the dApp to see your profile.

Your own profile contains more information when you view it yourself, such as your tier and token holdings and what you get paid for scouting, vetting and voting.

Tracker details

If your wallet is not connected to the dApp, access to information on the tracker will be limited.

When you are connected with your wallet to the dApp, more features on a tracker page become accessible.

Get notifications using tracker

Get notifications on the projects you follow when changes are made to the launch date, or other important new details are shared on the project. This could be important to know leading up to a launch, or after the launch so you know when to sell. Vetter Tracker helps you stay on top of the projects you want to know about. Get unlimited access at Tier 4.

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