How to navigate and use Vetterboard

What is Vetterboard

The Vetterboard is a dashboard, and the landing page in the dApp, on which you see an overview of the CrowdX app. From the Vetterboard you can easily see hot projects that have recently been posted to the calendar, recent gains made, tips sent out and the leaderboard for the CrowdX app.

Accessing the CrowdX Calendar

To use the CrowdX Calendar, your wallet needs to be connected to the dApp. You may be required to hold $VETTER to access various CrowdX functionalities.

You can access the actual CrowdX Calendar by clicking the widget of it, right next to the Hot List.

See the page below for more information on how to use CrowdX Calendar and its functionalities.


For a complete overview of all our dApp's functionalities see our getting started page.

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