Getting Started

Key factors to consider in project launches
What is required for a token launch? We want your sale to be a success! Let's go over key factors for your token launch and how our team can can help you.


The first thing potential investors will look for is the website for your project. The website is always a key factor when it comes to a token launch. The website should look professional, well taken care of and cover all the other necessary details that investors will look for about your project. After all, it usually is the first impression someone has of the project.

Project Information

Some necessary information about the project is always required. You should describe what your project is about and explain why someone should invest in it. Someone must be able to easily understand what the project is about by using your website. Use strong keywords that convey a lot of information. Think thoroughly about how the information on the website will be written.
Elaborate and detailed explanations are often better suited in a whitepaper or deserve a dedicated page on the website which goes into more detail about the topic. Many potential investors quickly skim through your website to get an idea of the project and then read the whitepaper, so avoid getting caught up in going into too much detail on the website. Less is more, and conveying the most with the least amount of words is key to attract investors to your project.

The Whitepaper

Your website should always grant access to read a whitepaper or litepaper. A whitepaper is a document that informs potential investors concisely about about the project and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help them understand all the details within your project. A litepaper is a variant which is less involved in specificity and gives a much more broad overview of your project. Creating a litepaper can also be a great starting point to figure out what information you would like to convey on your website's homepage. Remember that less is more. You should be very thorough in the whitepaper however.
If your whitepaper is not available yet there should still be a dedicated section or page on your website where it can be found once available. This ensures potential investors know where to find it once released to the public. All key aspects of your project should be explained in the whitepaper and it's of the primary ways to help investors understand the project in greater detail. Without a whitepaper it is very likely that many investors will not take the project seriously.

The Team or "Doxxing"

Convince investors there is reason to believe in the team behind the project. Serious investors are not easily convinced if they do not know who are behind the project and have no way of finding out. In the crypto space this is referred to as "doxxing". That means putting certain information such as a name, picture and background information of a person publicly on your website. Not every team member has to be doxxed but it helps to gain trust having members with important roles within your project to be publicly known. Sharing past experiences is also beneficial, especially when they can be verified by investors.

Project Roadmap

A roadmap which explains where the project is headed helps investors understand the road ahead and helps convince them to believe in the project. It is recommended to have this information on your website so it is easily found by investors. The roadmap is a visual presentation of where the project is now and where it is headed. It beneficial for both the team and investors to have a roadmap.

The Tokenomics

Tokenomics are a very important aspect of your project. Many investors like to know details such as the total supply of tokens, that there is no ability to mint more tokens than agreed to, and how those tokens get divided between the launch sale, private sale, team tokens, liquidity and so on. Serious investors understanding tokenomics and those with the ability to separate good tokenomics from bad tokenomics will greatly benefit from your project's tokenomics being visible in the whitepaper and website.

Token Contract

Having a publicly available contract for the token associated with the project is essential for gaining trust. Keep the contract publicly available on the website so investors can cross-reference it and verify they are going to invest into the correct sale and so they can avoid being scammed by fakes. Making the contract's code verified on BSCscan so the investors can read the code and ensure there are no bugs in your contract. The token contract is the heart of your project on the blockchain, so you must be absolutely sure there are no mistakes. Providing a contract audit can help with this.

Smart Contract Audit

A smart contract audit allows your project to eliminate flaws that would be exploited by malicious actors to perform unauthorized activities on your token contract, such as minting (illegitimate) tokens. Design flaws, security vulnerabilities, and programmatic problems are the primary focus of an audit. In addition, smart contract auditors often provide a clear audit roadmap to assist you in better understanding the process. As a result of a smart contract audit, the auditor provides a report specifying all detected vulnerabilities and their severity level. You can then target these vulnerabilities and fix them in the token contract.


A strong project needs marketing. The launch can only be strong if enough people have laid their eyes on the project and if plenty of investors decided to buy tokens. Setting a goal and managing expectations can help, so define what audience you want to reach, how big that audience needs to be, and how much conversion you want from that audience. Set a clear goal of the funds that will be required to make the project successful and be realistic in how much of it should be provided by launching a token sale. Some important marketing factors include (but are not limited to):


Hosting AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything sessions) on various platforms such as Telegram and Twitter can generate a lot of traffic to your project. This is a must if you want to reach the largest audience possible. These sessions are often scheduled leading up to the launch of your project, giving the listeners an appropriate time to conduct more research on your project.

Social Channels

In order to reach out to as big of an audience as possible your project needs to be present and active on important social media platforms. Within the crypto space, one of these platforms is Twitter. Ensure to pick platforms that your goals align with and you are able to actively maintain. Using a lot of platforms can result in some having too little activity, so choose accordingly. It is always possible to expand the amount of social channels later on.

Ad Spaces

There are many ways to advertise your project using ad space on other platforms. Advertising on large platforms such as Facebook and Google have become difficult because they no longer allow crypto advertisements. There are other platforms within the crypto space that allow for advertising of other projects.

Launch Calendars

Hosting your project on dedicated launch calendars can reach out to a large audience that are actively looking for new projects. Our CrowdX platform is a perfect example of such a calendar. There are other websites that provide insight into newly launching projects, but none provide as much as ours. You are free to add your own project to the platform to get more eyes from within our ecosystem on your project.

News Channel

Having a dedicated news channel helps funnel the important information into one place and makes it easy for investors to find the latest updates. It can also help with Google search results. A common channel that projects use is a Medium page. Medium is an online publishing platform and allows you to write articles on your own dedicated page. Another good option is having a 'blog' on your project website where news gets posted. Medium is a good option because it provides an easy way for investors to subscribe to new articles with their e-mail address, which may require more work to setup in your own blog.

Creating a buzz

The most successful projects are the ones that get talked about before they launch. Your project needs to be exciting enough to 'create a buzz'. That buzz is that people are talking about the project outside of the project itself or the platform it launches on. The buzz is unique to each project and heavily involves the marketing of the project and how that marketing gets applied.

Project Launch Platform

How and where you will be launching your project is another key factor to consider. Our platform has two options: Vsale and Launchpad. It is recommended to read more about both options to make a decision on which you would like to launch your project.

Practicing your launch

When using Vsale you have the option to make use of our Sandbox to practice your sale and try out our platform free of charge. Sandbox runs on Testnet and makes it possible to create a sale just like how you would on the main dApp. This makes for a great way to do a practice run of your sale and get more confidence in launching your project.

Protecting liquidity

Ensuring the liquidity cannot be stolen is a big factor for investors to trust the project. This is often referred to as 'locking the liquidity'. What it means is that the liquidity which is used for trading the token cannot be taken out, often referred to as 'rug pulling' the project. Vetter Platform uses Vault to automatically lock your liquidity once your project launches. More can be read on the Liquidity Locking page.

Token locking & vesting

​Vault can also be used to lock tokens (not just liquidity) and is a great way for token vesting within the project. It also makes it easily accessible by investors and possible for them to verify that the vesting within the project is realized.