Vsale Sale Types

There are multiple sale types to choose from when creating your sale. Below are a list of the different types and what they include:


A presale sale is....

Presale + Rewards

A Presale + Rewards is very similar to that of the presale above with only a few differences:

  • Each user will be able to share a sponsor link. When a another user uses their sponsor link to participate within the sale, the sponsor will receive a reward percentage. The reward percentage is based on what the project owner has set for the given sale.

    • Example: The sale has a 10% reward and user A sends a sponsor link over their social media. 10 users use this link and participate in the sale for a total of 100 BNB. Once the sale finalizes, user A will receive 10% * 100 BNB = 10 BNB.


A Fairlaunch is...


A Stealth sale is...

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