Community Discord

The Community Discord was created by a group of individuals from within the Vetter community and is recognized as the official Vetter Community gathering place. Here you will find Vetter related announcements such as dApp updates, be able to create a dApp support ticket or have open discussions about anything within the crypto space.

The community within the Discord has a significant amount of knowledge about anything in the crypto world and is incredibly supportive. Active members frequently communicate about anything crypto related, upcoming projects found on CrowdX, and discuss strategies and thought processes. Click the link below to join the community!

Creating a support ticket

Support tickets are used to communicate directly with the Community Outreach team (Moderators) and Admins. Create a ticket if you would like to report an issue, require dApp support, or have a direct question. To create a support ticket you must have a verified account with the server.

Support tickets are only visible to those with a rank of Community Outreach or higher.

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