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Do you want to lock liquidity for your Vsale? You do not need to create a vault yourself. Read more about automated liquidity locking here.

Creating a vault

To create a new vault, navigate to the Vault page and find the "Add Vault" button. A prompt will appear to create a new vault. Fill in the details and press the button to create the vault. Make sure to sign the transactions in your wallet. One will be required to allow the transfer of the tokens to the vault, and one will actually create the vault and transfer the tokens to it.

Vault Name: The name that will be displayed in the dApp

ER-20 or LP Token Address: The contract address of the token you wish to vault

Tokens To Lock (Token Symbol): The amount of tokens you wish to lock (Note: You do not need to include extra token decimals)

Unlock Schedule: Choose between a one time unlock date or vesting shedule (Note: vesting schedule will expand the options)

Deliver Tokens To: Provides the option to deliver unlocked tokens to another wallet


When delivering tokens to another wallet: Be sure this wallet address is accurate. Once created you are unable to change or update address. We are not responsible for incorrect wallet addresses.

When using Vesting Schedule an initial unlock date can still be set, as well as a vesting period and vesting percentage.

Initial Unlock Date: The date and time at which the initial percentage will unlock

Initial Unlock Percentage: The initial percentage of tokens that will unlock

Vesting Period: The period in which a vested amount will unlock

Vesting Percentage: The percentage of tokens that will unlock after each period

Pressing "Create Vault" will incur two transactions: one to allow for the transferring of your tokens and one to actually create the vault and move the tokens into it.

Adding tokens to a vault

Find a vault and view the details by pressing "View Details". Then press the "Add Tokens" button to add tokens to it. It must be your vault in order to do this. This will show a prompt for adding tokens to the vault. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to add and press the "Add To Vault" button. Make sure to sign the transactions in your wallet.

If the vault is unlocked at the time of adding the tokens, the added tokens can immediately be claimed. Extend the time to lock these tokens once more.

Extending vault time

To extend the lock in the vault, press the "Extend Time" button. This will show a prompt for extending the time during which the tokens are locked. Similarly to adding tokens, enter how long the lock should be extended and press the "Extend Vault" button. Sign the transaction in your wallet.

Claiming unlocked tokens

To claim tokens, navigate to the details page of the vault for the tokens you wish to claim. Expand the details by pressing the arrow icon on the vault. If tokens have been unlocked in the vault there should be a field for entering how many tokens you wish to claim and a button to send the transaction. Make sure to confirm the transaction in your wallet to actually claim the tokens. This is only available if you have the ability to claim the tokens.

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