Fee Structure

Fee for testnet

There is no fee for creating a sale connected to a testnet network. This is to give every developer a common playground with ease of access so they can try out Vsale free of charge.

Note: this may change at any point and the description listed on this page may not reflect the current fee.

Fee for live sales

Creating a Vsale on live environment will incur a creation fee. This is to ensure the platform doesn't get filled with junk but instead serious projects. The fee is part of our business model.

Vsale Tax

On top of the creation fee the developer must choose between a tax that is taken from a completed sale. The sale owner can opt between 5% of the total raised revenue or 4% that is evenly split between total raised revenue and tokens of their project.

Please note how the tax affects your sale:

If the sale raises 100 BNB and the 5% BNB / 0% Token option was chosen, 5 BNB will be deducted by the tax and 95 BNB will be used to create liquidity (assuming 100% was set to be used for liquidity).

If the sale raises 100 BNB and the 2% BNB / 2% Tokens option was chosen, 2 BNB will be deducted and an additional 2% tokens were taken during publishing of the sale. So if you sold 100k tokens in the sale, an additional 2k tokens were taken as a fee. This is taken as an additional amount rather than deducting from the amount for sale so it does not affect the sale rates.

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